A collection of men and women dressed in various items of gym apparel

What To Wear To The Gym

Wondering what to wear to the gym? Worry not, we have a handy little guide here with tips on how to look and feel great while working out. You may be new to the workout world or you could already be dedicated to the gym life, either way you need the best gym clothing and accessories to get the most out of every session and enhance your gym experience. Remember, the best workout clothing is what makes you feel comfortable.

First thing's first, you need a proper gym top. Sweat-wicking fibres, stretchy materials and breathable fabrics are an absolute must if you want to be comfortable throughout a lengthy session. Some women choose to simply wear sports bras, ensuring full range of motion and allowing the wearer to stay fully cool, often with a loose fitting top on top. Avoid wearing simple cotton t-shirts and heavy hoodies, both of which will make you sweat more.

For your bottom half, guys will need a pair of technical gym shorts for high-intensity workouts or a pair of joggers if you're not planning on maintaining a high heart rate. For women, the go-to choice is a comfy and stretchy pair of gym leggings, often coming with moisture wicking properties and flattering fits. Many women opt for a matching gym set to fully coordinate their gym look, with matching gym tops and leggings widely available at Sports Direct.

Also essential is a specific pair of gym training shoes, specially designed to provide you with the support needed for a successful workout as opposed to lifestyle sneakers or running shoes. Many gym trainers come with a strong base for lifting weights, while also providing enough breathability and flexibility to allow for low intensity cardio exercises and any other type of workout. The most casual of gym goers may wear flip flops or sliders - we don't recommend!

Aside from what to wear to the gym, we recommend a number of helpful accessories. A water bottle and a gym towel are your absolute basics, while gym gloves, lifting straps, weight-lifting belts, joint supports and a gym bag to carry everything in can take your workout to another level.