Court Shoes

The fast-paced and multi-directional nature of both indoor and outdoor court sports bring a constant need for development and new technologies to aid the performance of athletes of all court disciplines. Court specific trainers and shoes, for sports including tennis, badminton, netball, basketball, handball, squash and volleyball, focus on functionality and comfort.


Can Tennis Shoes be Worn to Play Badminton or Netball?

Tennis shoes can be worn for badminton or netball or any other court sport, but they won’t be as effective as specific trainers for the particular sport in play. A game of badminton for instance will see the player leaping and landing more than in a game of tennis, so tennis shoes won’t feature as much cushioning as badminton shoes. Another example would be that netball shoes and tennis shoes have enhanced support in slightly different areas of the shoe to match the requirements of either sport.

Are Tennis Shoes Good for Walking?

Tennis shoes are adequate for low incline and low intensity walking but will not give your feet the enhanced level of support they require for tougher and longer walking or hiking. Tennis shoes are designed with lateral movement in mind, rather than the forward and uphill nature of walking, so have their support in different areas. Walking boots and walking shoes provide more support for your ankles and feet, as well as extra rugged grip on the outsole for tough terrains. Make sure you view our outdoor footwear section for your walking shoe and boot needs.

What are the Benefits of Tennis Shoes?

The most notable benefit of a tennis shoe is the focus on lateral support and stability – highly required, as a tennis player must quickly change direction and move most commonly in sideways directions. Tennis shoes also have less underfoot cushioning so that the player’s feet are closer to the ground, providing more stability. Further benefits include an extremely durable outsole due to the stop-start nature of tennis, and a general focus on support and durability over being lightweight.

What are Tennis Shoes Made Of?

Following decades of research, many tennis shoes are now crafted with a leather or mesh upper and flexible rubber outsole, giving comfort and breathability, along with the desired grip for the demands of the game.

Which Tennis Shoes Does Emma Raducanu Wear?

Emma Raducanu wears the NikeCourt React Vapor NXT tennis shoes. The Brit wore the NikeCourt React Vapor NXT tennis shoes when she won the US Open in 2021. You can emulate Emma Raducanu with the Nike Court Vapor tennis shoes available in our Nike tennis section, where you’ll also find the iconic Nike Slam Tennis Dress she wore when winning her first Grand Slam.

Which Tennis Shoes Does Andy Murray Wear?

Andy Murray wears his own personalised tennis shoes from Under Armour, featuring his ‘AM’ logo on the tongue.

Which Tennis Shoes Does Novak Djokovic Wear?

Novak Djokovic wears ASICS Tennis Shoes – his very own ASICS Court FF Novak Djokovic Tennis Shoes. The Serbian tennis great signed a partnership with ASICS to create the best tennis shoes for his needs and style tastes - you can find your ASICS tennis style in our ASICS tennis section.