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Cycling FAQs

Get set for the ride of your life...

Wanting to get about on two wheels? Get into gear with our ultimate cycling FAQs and prepare to tackle any terrain, any distance and any journey with our extensive range of bikes, riding apparel, cycling footwear and bike accessories.

What are the Different Types of Bike?

Choosing the right type of bike to suit you depends on what type of cycling you’re planning – for leisure or to race for example – where you plan to go – will you travel via road or on rough terrain? – your budget and where you’ll store your bike.

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How Do I Choose the Right Size Bike?

Use our bicycle size guide to determine the right size cycle needed for both adults and kids. Bike size is not just an important aspect for the rider’s comfort but for injury prevention too.

What to Wear on a Bike Ride?

Commuting, road cycling or leisure biking, our expert cycling apparel has you covered whatever the weather and wherever the journey.

Sweat-wicking technologies, ventilation, padding and chafe-free seams bring the comfort you desire.

Cycling tops including jerseys, jackets and waterproofs. Cycling jerseys have been crafted to fit the position of the body whilst cycling. They’re streamlined by being tight-fitting and extremely breathable too. Cycling jackets and waterproofs tend to be compact for storage.

Shorts, bibs and tights for cycling are crafted with comfort as key. Stretch fits move with the rider and padding makes even the longest of journeys comfortable. Bibs come with shoulder straps to keep them in position and alleviate pressure on the waist.

Expert brands including Muddyfox, Odlo and Pinnacle bring wears for men, women and kids.

Which Cycling Shoes Do I Need and do They Make a Difference?

Cycling shoes feature a cleat to the sole in order to clip your feet into the pedals, bringing increased speed as the rider can pull up the pedals as well as push down on them. Although not an absolute necessity, especially for leisure cyclists, if you are cycling a distance, cycling shoes really do make for a more efficient journey. Make sure you’re strapped in and ready for the journey ahead with our collection of expert cycling shoes made to go the extra mile.

How Do I Choose the Right Cycling Helmet?

Simply put, bike helmets can save your life.

To measure for a helmet, take the circumference of your head from approximately two finger widths above your eyebrows.

Your helmet should not be uncomfortable or cause lots of pressure to the head but it should fit snug. You can make sure your helmet fits just right by adjusting the retention system, adjustable side buckles and chin strap.

Put safety first with our array of specialist cycling helmets

What Should I Pack for a Bike Ride?

Make a note of these cycling accessories and essentials – all made to be there when you need them, without weighing you down.

Bike bags and baskets

Bike bells and horns

Bike lights and locks

Bike pumps

Spare parts

Gloves and mitts

All accessories

Maximise your cycling performance and feel strong throughout your ride, with our range of sports nutrition.

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Cycling Glossary


short for aerodynamic, describes gears which are designed for minimal wind resistance


short for bicycle motocross, this bike is made for off-road racing and freestyle trick riding


number of revolutions per minute, the rate at which the cyclist is pedalling


a 100 mile ride or race


a loop of roller links that transfers power from the pedals to the rear wheel to propel the bike forward


cycling behind another rider so they block the wind, reducing the amount of energy required to pedal


also known as mudguards, fenders protect your body and bicycle from the water, mud, and grime which can spray up during your ride


short for fixed gear, this is a single-speed bike, so whenever the bike is moving, your legs will be too, simply pedalling backwards to stop


part of the bicycle which holds the front wheel, typically consisting of 2 blades which are joined at the top by a fork crown


large group of riders bunched together on a race route, also known as a bunch or pack


the transition from one gear to another, helping the cyclist to achieve a constant cadence


number of rods connecting the centre of the wheel to the outer rim


component which connects the handlebars to the frame of a bike

Time Trial

when an individual or team complete a road race against the clock


a way of measuring the rider's power output


a cycling trick where the front wheel is lifted off the ground momentarily